Just Very Nice POP Singer Bera

One of the main concerns that Bera has, is that Georgia is not known to many people. the reason is that it is a small country and people confuse it with the state in Atlanta. Bera tries to explain the culture in a way that others will understand. He likes to talk about his country because he is often away and misses his homeland. He also emphasizes that Georgian culture is very specific and it is very difficult to explain to those who have never experienced the lifestyle in his country. Still Bera is always ready to give his friends as much information as possible. . He considers that it is important for every culture to be spread around the world. So as he is famous representative of Georgia, he considers that it is his mission to spread the information among other cultures. He also often invites some of his close friends to visit Georgia. Recently, famous blogger Nash Griven guested Bera. He met with his fans, visited different TV shows and participated in different social activities. Bera says that it was very pleasing visit for both sides For Nash, because he spent a very good time in kind atmosphere, but also for the teenagers who have dreamed to meet their favorite blogger.

When Bera talks about his dressing style. He likes to fallow different trends. Likes to wear fashionable close. He mentions that he wears different jewelry because it is significant feature of a rapper. Still, he always dresses according to his own will. He never wears something just because it is considered to be trendy. When he was asked if he has ever been in a fight or not, Bera had following answer: “I always try to avoid fights. I think fighting is a very low level of human development. When people cannot communicate with words. It is very shameful. Fight is for an animal like people who have no enough education to explain something with their own words. The situation should be extremely critical for me to raise an arm on someone. It’s practically impossible. Still we are all humans and making mistakes and going against our principles is very common mistake. best to certain subject without any kind of violence. In modern world using violence has already become a dishonorable action, which should be avoided by every intellectual person.
I have no right to judge someone and teach him or her how to live. I just suggest that people should always try their best.

When Talks about his privet life he says that nothing happens in his private life. Nothing happens because he is completely dedicated to his work. Music is his wife and he is not going to “cheat on” her for a while. Also when he talks about girls in Hollywood he says that there are good girls as well as bad ones. Even though, he had contact among many, his roots are in Georgia; so Georgian girls always attract him. He does not know if he is going to marry girl from other country. He believes in destiny and thinks that if his fate is to have and American wife this is inevitable and he has nothing against this fact. Still, he says that does not imagine American wife because he is from completely different culture and it will be very difficult for him to collaborate and live with someone with different lifestyle and mentality. Georgians have different attitude towards family bonds. Everybody is close to each other and have constant communication. While in America families meet mostly on holidays and different festive occasions. It is not acceptable table lifestyle for me.

Once Bera talked about the most important thing he had. It was a bracelet that he always takes with him wherever he goes. But once while he worked in the studio of Rodney Jerkins with one of the rappers, he gave him a diamond watch. Bera got shy and gave his bracelet in return. Bera always likes when someone shows love and care towards him. Even a very simple and not very valuable object makes him satisfied. Only thing he values is an attention from a person. So he always tries to act the same way towards others. Mostly he brings gifts to his family members and certainly to his small brother. He likes to watch people’s happy faces when they open the gift, which makes them satisfied and makes them feel important. This process brings Bera satisfaction. “Every person would try to give out as much as he or she can”. Suggests young pop singer . Bera often gives presents to the valuable people in his life. For him giving presents means showing love. Love is a base of everything and everyone so as long as people love each other and care about each other’s feelings, world will survive. That’s why we need to be kind and supportive and not be egocentric thinking about ourselves.



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Terrifying Maze Activity
The Scary Labyrinth Activity is just one of those uncommon urban legends that folks who delight in World wide web Cube field game could look for out. Purportedly the video game has one thing frightful that simply players that get to completion is going to have the capacity to see, but so as to get to the end gamers are actually mosting likely to need to be actually extremely, very mindful to reach completion of the maze without touching on the sides.

The means the Frightful Puzzle Game functions is that gamers of start along with a blue dot in a significant maze. Gamers relocate the blue dot by making using of their mouse (whether that’s a laser device mouse, a contact pad or even a few other sort of mouse), and they must receive to the end of the labyrinth without handling the edges of the puzzle. When the blue dot arrives at the surface collection the 2048 Cupcakes changes immediately in to the upcoming labyrinth, so users must make certain they move little by little as well as thoroughly. Or else that’s entirely feasible that the dot will certainly cross the coating line just to operate straight in to a wall and also send out players back a degree or even more.

Relying on which variation of the Distressing Run 3 Online Game gamers have found, reaching the edges can lead to being actually had right back to the starting point from the video game. The further gamers receive, the increasingly more complicated the mazes come to be to get through without cleaning against the edges. The objective naturally is actually for Tunnel Rush Game players to obtain by means of as several mazes as feasible in order to get to the awful technique that resides in the center of the labyrinth.

The main reason that cubis 2 players should experience the Frightening Puzzle Activity along with the sound turned right up is actually that the much deeper they obtain in to the maze the extra the activity attempts to wreck along with them. Strange sobs, sharp sounds and various other traits that create individuals hop are all par for the training program. The objective of course is making the Duck Life 3 gamer dive, collision right into a wall structure as well as send him or her completely back to the start of the maze. Graphics may show off also, generating a tense strain that can easily wreck up the alright motor control essential in order to get to the end from the narrower mazes in the Distressing Labyrinth Activity. That isn’t really for the pale of soul, or even for those that simply obtain nervy when shown with unanticipated or unusual stimulations. Deep breaths and also constant hands are actually the best means in order to get to the center of the puzzle.

Whether a gamer wants to manage from zombies, steer clear of creature ofthe nights or just operated through an exciting home total of ridiculous illuminations, sounds as well as impacts there is actually a variation from the Frightful Maze Activity out certainly there that must be actually merely exactly what a given https://theimpossiblequiz.info player is actually appearing for. Like lots of various other activities, the Distressing Puzzle Video game might have a side, yet that doesn’t really possess a “succeed” variety of situation.

The way the Frightening game operates is that players start with a blue dot in a huge labyrinth. The goal from course is actually for gamers to acquire through as several mazes as achievable to obtain to the dreadful secret that resides in the center of the maze.

The cause that players need to have to go through the Frightful free online games game along with the sound switched all the way up is actually that the deeper they acquire right into the puzzle the a lot more the video game tries to mess along with all of them. Pictures might flash as well, developing a highly strung strain that can easily mess up the great electric motor control essential to obtain to the end of the narrower labyrinths in the Scary returnman3.net Labyrinth.